Fix for text omitted from translation files?

When we export translation files, some of our projects' translation files are missing some of the text that appears on some of the slides. I've been in touch with Articulate support, and this is a known bug. The only solution they can suggest is to manually search the translation files for each section of text in our Storyline projects and then reauthor any slides that have missing text fields.

I'm hoping the user community has found a less painful solution.

Has anyone found

  1. Any reason for why this affects some slides but not others?
  2. A reasonable way to identify what text is being omitted from the translation files?
  3. A way to fix the affected slides that doesn't require reauthoring them?
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valentino santana

I'm having the same problem!  I always change the color of the reference file text to bright orange or green, then import it back to make sure all the text is accounted for.  However, in this latest project I'm using a ton of text variables.  Since text variables inherit the formatting of the text used to spell out the variable, it is impossible to use the technique above.  You'd have to search field by field in the reference file to confirm it was exported.

Sjoerd de Vries

It seems that we at Philips encounter the same issue for exported text variables. Some text variables (these contain our captions) are not exported at all and therefore not translated. It seems to appear when slides are in scenes. When we add all slides in one scene it looks like it exports it correctly.


I submitted a case yesterday.