Fix the Importing of question and question bank please.

Can anyone tell me why when I import Questions, why I have to:

1. changes each slide to shuffle NONE (ONE AT A TIME!).
2. change each question slide property to 'Reset to initial state' (ONE AT A TIME!).
3. change each question slide property everyone to 'Custom for the selected slide' then uncheck 'Seekbar' (DITTO).

This is waste of time and takes forever when you have a ton of questions.

Also, the Draw from Questions has been broken for a long time now. It doesn't draw all the questions,
You may want to fix it... I have to add them in batches of 2 or 3 at a time.

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Robert Stewart

Version 3. They need to add more options when importing questions. In my case :

1. Shuffle mode: Answers or None

2. When revisiting: Auto or Resume or Reset

3. Player features: seek Yes or No, etc.

As for the import into Question Bank (besides the confusing designed)

I found when you finally find the "import questions" link, you should use "Move" slides options then include 'All' option then cross fingers.

I'll assume since it is a "wish it did this", the programmers would need to add it to the next upgrade. However, since in Storyline 1, they never fixed the Web Object embedded the old html code when you make  a change to the html page or other associated file. (you have to change the folder name and link),

I'll assume (better much positive) it will never be fixed....


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Robert.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  I'm adding them to a feature request for universal question property editing!

You mentioned the local web object behavior when you're updating the web content.  Storyline pulls in the "local" content and makes it a part of the published output.  If it's been pulled in and published once, updates are not reflected without removing the web object entirely and re-adding it.  The "test link" shows the updated content, however, instead of what's currently embedded in the project.  I've brought this up to my team to see if we can improve that feature.