Fixed spinning wheel error after 2 hours.

So this morning a ran a presentation in storyline and got the spinning wheel. I have seen this before if some links are missing. Thought it might take 5-10 minutes.

I'm using storyline 3

Anyhow this wasn't the issue. Instead it was 2-3 spaces at the end of a sentence. I thought i would recreate it in a new file and post it here for someone to look at, maybe in support. 

I'm sure this will happen me or someone again. You should see the spinning wheel in the attached storyline if you publish it. The problem is in the following sentence. Remove the spaces and publish and it works ok

"in a clustered environment).   "

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Ok thats strange. Can you give me any details.

Since this isn't the original file I had the issue with. What I did was.

1. Created a brand new Articulate project

2. Copied and pasted the text box from my original corrupt file into this new project

But i have just looked at the text again, when i copy and paste it into notepad, i see a hidden dot that doesn't show up in Storyline. I think the original text was imported from PowerPoint

What I would really like to find out.
Is there an easy way for a user of StoryLine to find errors like this in a quicker method, other than going through and deleting each slide to find out which one has the issue and then deleting components from the slide to figure out which one has caused the problem.