FLA to HTML5 - Make it work in Mobile Devices


I have situation, which some of you may have faced. Any direction/help would be much appreciated.

Using Sl2. I have few screens where we have used SWF files. Built in Action Script 3. These SWF files are not like a movie, it's more like an interactive one  with - checkboxes, text entries, submit, validations etc... Earlier, I used them as SWF import.

When I publish the same, it doesn't work in mobiles (iphones)/tabs. Other screens work fine, but when the screen comes with SWF, it goes blank. Note: No issues in desktops with FLASH.

Is there any way to make these SWF files work in SL2/SL3/360 and publish them smoothly in HTML5, for mobile devices? Any tools (commercial/non-commercial) which can help me convert those SWF files to workable files in HTML5 to be used in SL?


Any help will be appreciated. Looking for inputs. 

Thanks much.

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