Flash conversion question: Is it possible to look at the LMS publish and see if the program plays in html5?

Hi everyone,

Can you tell by the files below, whether the program will play in an html5 environment?  I thought I read that somewhere, but can no longer find the article.  

  • meta.xml
  • story_unsupported.html
  • story.swf
  • story.html
  • story_html5.html
  • index_lms_html5.html
  • amplaunch.html

Thank you for any guidance you can provide.  I have about 150 SL2 files that I'm trying to avoid republishing, if possible.

Kind regards,


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Paula,

The story_html5.html" file indicates the course was published to include the HTML5 option. The "story.swf" file indicates that Flash was also included. As far as I know, it's not possible to just look at the files to determine whether the course was published to try Flash first or not. 

In theory, a course that includes HTML5 should still play. However, it's my understanding that HTML5 standards have evolved somewhat since SL2, so some things might not work as expected. And it might be somewhat dependent on the overall security settings.

The only way to tell is to test a course in your LMS. Does it still play even with Flash turned off? If one does, then the others should. 

You should also check whether animations play correctly. This actually varies via browser. For example, I've found that Wipe animations don't play in IE, even when published to HTML5 with the latest version of SL. 

Good luck!