Flash death 2020 - Impact on Storyline 2 Courses

Has anyone gauged the impact on courses built in Storyline 2 and the impending death of flash in 2020.  Most of our courses from that time, we exported as html/Flash. I'm worried that once flash is really gone these will not work so well.   

It would seem best to load these into Storyline 360 and export with the html5 skin that seems to work very well. This would take some work as navigation screens would need to be updated.  This is around 80+ courses.

I wanted to gauge the thoughts of the community on this as it may not be as big of a deal as i think, but if i need to ramp up the project plan, i will. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adam,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your concerns. This community is a fantastic resource and I hope others are able to chime in to share their strategy.

It looks like you're aware of and mentioned both solutions shared by Justin in this post, but I just wanted to share it for anyone following along.

Phil Mayor

If you use the classic player I don't think you would need to update the navigation.

Really depends on who is viewing your courses, I suspect most banks and Government agencies will still use flash beyond 2020.

However, the HTML5 output of 360 is so much better it is worth doing just for that.