Flash END OF LIFE and end of Flash browser support


FLASH IS OVER! What is Articulate's plan?



I have raised a significant amount of hell in the forums in the past as have dozens of others about giving us an "HTML5 Only" publishing option. Learning Management Systems (SCORM) use the manifest files to choose which HTML file to open. THERE IS NO WAY in many systems to "tell it to open the story_html5.html file"


We at ESET (a security solutions provider) are mandated to abandon Flash (and possibly Storyline if there is no change) by the time Chrome browser support ends for Flash in September 2016 (6 months and counting.) Firefox already has dumped Flash and neither Android or iOS devices have supported Flash for years. Many other medium and large companies have already deprecated Flash content. Adobe released Adobe "Animate" (formerly Flash) last week thereby formally burying the medium with little fanfare or objection.




Will Articulate and Storyline simply tell us we still have to output Flash files, use Internet Explorer and/or change to an LMS that doesn't use SCORM or will they join the mid 2000s and help us create more secure, more accessible learning content that can still be published to an LMS and consumed by anyone wishing to learn?


P.S. IF anyone tells me to just delete the "story.html file" I will take that as a sign that we should license a different product. We currently have 6 Instructional Design staff that have Storyline licenses. FIX the manifest or make it possible to select a publish option in the UI that only creates the HTML5

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Ren Gomez

Hi Online Learning,

Thanks for sharing what you're experiencing! Articulate 360 is now flash-free, so published courses with an HTML5 option should continue to work even after Flash is expired. This article covers all the details:

Since you selected the option Flash with HTML5 fallback, the course will attempt to play on Flash first, then fall back to HTML5. Have you tried publishing using another option such as HTML5 only, or HTML5 with Flash fallback?

If you'd like some tailored help with your course, feel free to share your file with our support engineers, and they can offer additional assistance!