Flash File and Animatio Help

Jul 05, 2012

I have two issues with a course I'm developing.

The first issue is with animated text. I have bulleted text that flies in from the right and it works great. The problem is the text disappears near the end of the slide and there is no exit animation.

The second problem is with a flash video at the end of my course. It's playing in a loop and I can't figure out how to make it plays only once.

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Marty -

1. Check the timeline. The text object should be extended to the end of the timeline - if is is not then the object will disappear from the screen before the timeline ends.

2. Check the Flash video outside of Storyline - does it loop when playing outside?  If it does then you have to fix the problem within the Flash file itself - there will be no way to stop it from looping in Storyline.

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