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Jan 04, 2016

Hello everyone, 

Is it still correct, that if I want to do an animation in Flash, and bring it into Storyline 2, and have it play on a mobile device, I only have two options:

  1. make animation in Flash, export it as a .mov, and do "insert>video" (results in heavier file size and it won't look as as nice and clean as a .swf would look
  2. make animation in Storyline 2, and the animation will look sharp and be lighter in size. 

Correct? I seen some nice examples of complex animations done in flash, but if the final product is on a mobile device, then Flash is still not the best option. 



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Mike Jones

Hi Helen,

You are correct that Flash (swf) files are not supported on mobile devices, and your two workarounds are correct as well. Another consideration would be to build your animation in PowerPoint and export it as a video, since PowerPoint animations are not supported on imported slides.

I've found regular success with the motion path tools, animations, and triggered object states in Storyline. So I haven't had the need for 3rd party software in a long time.

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, you may be able to build your animation in Edge Animate, which would export an HTML page, and add that as a web-object...but I've never tried that myself, so don't hold me to that!

Just trying to think outside of the box. :-)

Helen Liddell

Thanks Michael! I just wanted to be sure that this is still the case. I too have had good luck with doing it all in Storyline 2. I tried Edge Animate about a year ago, and it was a nightmare. LOL
For now, that program is way to unstable and buggy to work with. Maybe one day, they can make it better, but for now, its not so nice. 

I was even able to re-produce a gaussian blur effect in photoshop and bring it in to storyline on the top layer to simulate the blur effect I used to use in Flash. Took a little longer, because its an extra step, but it works. 

Mike Jones

Glad to heard that, Helen!

I know quite a few individuals that use that exact workaround to create a gaussian blur effect sans Flash. I found that once I got comfortable with what I could do in Storyline, it fundamentally changed how I think about building animations, and now I'm so much faster than I ever was using Flash.

I think you'll find the same thing, good luck!

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