Flash install required when I run Storyline

May 10, 2012

I currently have the latest Flash Player 11+ running on my machines.

My default browser is Firefox.

Whenever I run Storyline, I am asked to update to Flash 10 as this is required by Internet Explorer to run Storyline?

When I "go with it", it brings me to the Flash update page which tells me I have Flash 11 installed. I reinstall and then Storyline executes.

If I turn off the computer and on again, it then asks again.

Any suggestions on why this is happening?

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Gerry Wasiluk

Flash Player 10 or greater is required to play Storyline output:  http://www.articulate.com/products/storyline-tech-specs.php

Not sure this would work but I'd try uninstalling and then re-installing the Flash Player.  Sometimes, the player gets corrupted after some upgrades.  Have seen that often.

If that didn't work, that I might try uninstalling and then reinstalling Storyline.

Here's where Brian comes in with a more obvious solution . . . 

Darren Mc Neill


I have Flash Player 11 for both IE and Firefox installed. I have reinstall several times just to be sure over the past few days but it keeps asking me to update. I don't have issues with other applications.

This message pop up when I doubleclick to start Storyline. The application has not started at this point. If I choose No to update, Storyline does not start.

If I remove Flash Player and reinstall, it works.

Next day, it starts again.

I'll check to see if there are conflicts somewhere else.

Brian Batt

Hi Darren,

It sounds like your installation of Flash Player is corrupted.  Please try the following:

1.  Uninstall Storyline from the Control Panel

2.  Uninstall the Flash Player:

*******Please do the following in Internet Explorer. 

Uninstall your current version of the Flash Player. Follow the steps here: 


3.  Reinstall the Flash Player:

*******Please do the following in Internet Explorer. 

Download the latest version of Flash: 


4.  After that, reinstall Storyline and you should no longer see the issue.  

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Chris,

Have you checked Adobe support or community for details on how to reinstall the built-in version of Flash for Internet Explorer?

In response to related issues on their community, they've shared the following links:

This article may also help:


You may also want to make sure that you have the latest version of Storyline installed.

Let us know how it goes.


David Horgan

I having the same issue that everybody else is having.  I have opened case (#00444155) with Articulate to find out what is going on.  I having no issues since the initial install.  I have reinstall Flash Player several times and the Articulate one software with the latest releases.  I have attached screenshot of the issue I having with Articulate.  This issue has not been resolved.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi David!

It appears that this is related to Flash Player 16.

The Adobe Update to Flash Player 16 has caused some issues related to Storyline 1 & 2 as well as Studio 13.

If you have installed this version of Flash, you may not be able to open the applications and may receive an error message when doing so.

Our team is working to get this corrected as soon as possible and we will provide an update as soon as we can.

Scott Lindsey

Thank you for the update! This sounds like an issue we've had in the past with new Flash player versions. I uninstalled Flash Player 16 and did a search to find a link that would let me download Flash Player 15 (actually version 15,0,0,222). So far, so good - it let me back into my Storyline file so I could finish my edits.

Maria Jonsson

Hi Danny, 

Use this link  to choose a previous version of Flash Player. Further down on the page you find "Flash Player Archives". I downloaded  (Released 11/25/2014) Flash Player (173 MB) and it works fine for me now to open Storyline 1 again. Hope this helps for you!





David Richmond

I traced this back to a Windows KB update installed within the last day, after uninstalling the 8.1 update i was good to go I did not record the KB article but when i was directed to the IE page that showed me how to enable flash (it was already enabled) at the bottom it had 4 updates for windows 8 and 8.1 (32/64 bit) I want to say the kb was KB3001237 but i could be wrong anyway i dowloaded and ran the update it told me I already had that update installed and explicitely gave me the number which I then recorded and uninstalled Bob's your uncle fixed.

Candace Wallace

Hello All, 

We just went through the same issue this morning. We tracked it down to the windows updates that happened yesterday and today.  If you go to control panel and uninstall any updates from 12/10 and then restart everything works as it should.

1. Control Panel 
2. Uninstall Program
3.View installed updates
4. Delete updates from 12/10
5. Restart Windows

Should work at that point.  Hope this helps everyone.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Charlie,

Again, we're sorry to hear that you've run into this issue and our team is working on a fix. 

We'll post updates in threads such as this one once we have additional information, and you can also see the newest update number and fixes detailed here. You may also want to enable Storyline to check for updates at start up as that will let you know once this fix goes live. 

Charlie Seminara


Thanks for your response. I tried uninstalling flash Player v16 and
installing an earlier version, but that doesn't work because IE
automatically gets v16. In the meantime I got both versions running again by
going back to a Windows restore point from 12/3/14.

Charlie Seminara


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