Flash install required when I run Storyline

I currently have the latest Flash Player 11+ running on my machines.

My default browser is Firefox.

Whenever I run Storyline, I am asked to update to Flash 10 as this is required by Internet Explorer to run Storyline?

When I "go with it", it brings me to the Flash update page which tells me I have Flash 11 installed. I reinstall and then Storyline executes.

If I turn off the computer and on again, it then asks again.

Any suggestions on why this is happening?

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Jimmy McCoskrie

Hi guys, I'm getting the same Flash error mentioned in this thread.

My work PC has Storyline 1, Flash Player, Internet Explorer 8 and Windows 7.

It was working fine last week and am wondering whether work updated Flash Player over the weekend and this has caused the error. 

Do you think installing the updates mentioned earlier in this thread will solve the problem or is there a new issue with Flash Player 17?

I'm sorry I can't experiment with any of the updates/solutions mentioned as my PC is locked down by my IT dept.

Thanks for your time.

Wendy Farmer
Lorraine Butler

Hi, I'm just trying to run Articulate 1 and am getting the Flash Player installation message.  My default browser is Chrome but both Chrome and IE have Flash Version installed.  How can I get to my software so that I can use it?   All these issues seem to have been from 6 months ago.


Hi Lorraine

Are you running SL1 update 8 - the flash issue was addressed in that update?

K Mahoney

my colleague has run into this problem today. She hasn't really used her Storyline 2 much so I don't know what version of update she's on, and we can't open the program. Can you give the link to last Storyline 2 update so she can install and actually be able to open the program without be asked to install Flash Player 10 or above again?