Flash interacting with custom Articulate navigation

So it's possible to to talk to the Articulate API, controling certain functions. I know I could for example disable the next button with something like:

_level44.mcToolbar.mcPlayControls.mcNext._visible = false;

(This is an old snippet of AS2 admittedly).

However, I have built an entirely custom User Interface, including navigation buttons for 'next' & 'back'. I assume the example above controls the default API, and hence my question - how does one access buttons created in Articulate through Flash? I want to ensure the Articulate next button is enabled when the Flash allows it to be. If my Articulate next button is called 'nxtBtn' what AS3 would be required to make it visible?

My hashed workaround is at present to recreate the same style button inside the Flash file rather than interacting directly with the existing Articulate button.

Thanks in advance...

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tim brind

Thanks Phil, I've been looking into a JS solution. I'm still presented with the problem of accessing the Storyline button.

I'm comfortable getting the SWF to call JS with ExternalInterface.call("myFunction()"); (although containing the JS function in the html and not SWF feels clunky).

function myFunction() {

 StorylineButton.enabled = false;      // What is the correct syntax to access the Storyline button?