Flash Player 10 Issue with Storyline 2

I was unable to open Storyline due to the flash error message, until I downloaded and installed the most recent update.  Now I can get into Storyline after clicking Continue on the "Flash Player 10 or higher for Internet Explorer is required..." message.  Unfortunately, nothing happens when I click the Player button and my Preview won't actually show me the preview after the blue progress bar completes.  (On a side note, I still can't open Engage '13 even after doing the Studio '13 update.)  Any advice for someone who has done the updates but continues to have trouble?  Thanks in advance.

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John Moore

Thanks for the quick responses.  I can't update Flash Player because I'm behind a corporate firewall, which is probably something I should've mentioned previously.  I'll try the Support Engineer route tomorrow and hope for the best.  If they can't solve it then it might be something my own IT department needs to handle.  Thanks again!