Flash Player 10 or higher is required to run Storyline--yet I have Flash Player 16

Dec 31, 2014

Happy holidays all,

I can no longer open StoryLine 1. I get a message indicating I need FlashPlayer 10 or higher to run Storyline, yet when I check Programs and Features, I see the IT has loaded Flash Player 16 onto my computer. How can I get StoryLine to see the new Flash Player??

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Catherine Williams

I am having the same issue. Unfortunately, my project requires Storyline version 1; I cannot upgrade to Storyline version 2.  I went to the Adobe archive site and downloaded/installed an old version 10 flash player, but that still did not work. What version of Flash do I need so that Storyline v1 works again? Or is there another fix so that I can open Storyline 1?

Melanie Ramírez

Thank you Leslie, well the situation is that I have the licence for StoryLine1 and I use StoryLine2 for the free trial because I have problems with the flash player of Adobe to continue working.  So, I saw the correction and I tried to do it in my computer, but right now I can´t open the StoryLine1 because Windows give a message that the program left to work.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Mohammad and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

You are using the trial, but unable to get the software to launch due to the flash error?

Be sure that you have Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or later as this article states.

Let's go ahead and follow the steps here to get that software repaired.

If you continue to run into errors after this troubleshooting, be sure to reach out here to work directly with a support engineer.

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