Flash Player and LMS Tracking

Jul 18, 2014

We have several very simple courses we built using Storyline for a specific client in which the user reads a document and completes a one-question attestation (1 question = 100% and pass). More than half of these users do not receive credit in our LMS. The score and interactions flow, but the course doesn't move to completed. In doing research, we identified that the computers used to take these courses are Windows XP running IE 8 and a version 9 Flash Player. Due to legacy software, they are unable to upgrade these computers.

Does anyone know if an old Flash Player would impact the complete flow of SCORM 1.2 data to the LMS?

Thousands of users from other clients who have similarly built courses on the same LMS have no problems. We've been wracking our heads trying to identify the cause. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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