Flash player upgrade

May 28, 2013

We are in the position that a lot of our users and inside corporate environments with possible legacy systems that are using old browsers and Flash Player versions.

This means we are often restricted in our use of Storyline and have to revert to Studio for group wide deliveries because of Storyline only publishing to FP10+

I am looking for any suggestions of how we can utilise Storyline and it's enhanced design capabilities taking into count our users access difficulties.

Or a solid case to present to our group security people that would give them enough ammunition to force local IT teams to perform the FP upgrade to the latest version.

Tony C

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Jeff Kortenbosch

Hi Tony, as far as I know SL only works with Flash player 10 and up. You could use the HTML5 option for lower  versions of flash player but I guess that would probably turn into a browser issue (if you do not have up to date Flash player versions, the same probably goes for internet browsers...)

I'd collect some of the SL examples you can find in the community to show of the capabilities.

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