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Thomas Elvins



Thanks for the reply.

HTML5 is the current to future standard that is compatible with browsers and OS's e.g. Windows 10. Flash typically uses a *.swf file extension and is the tool used to create these animations. 

As Flash, as a tool, is being decommissioned, can you advise what other "tools" will be compatible going forward? i.e. what file extensions will be compatible? 

To put into context; my company is looking at using a new tool to create animation and I would like us to continue to use SL as our content development tool. If the tool we want to use is not compatible with SL, then we would have to use another authoring tool. My company specialises in training and development so this, you can imagine, is a big thing.


Matthew Bibby

What is this new tool you are thinking about using? The best idea would be to get a trial version and experiment with the different options. 

For example, Adobe Animate is a popular animation tool. It has a HTML5 Canvas export option which works well with Storyline. For details on how to import the animations into Storyline see here