Flash speed different depending on type of publish

Jun 14, 2012

I am using Storyline and Flash CS 5.5 publishing flash SWF's to version 10.2.

When i publish the individual slide in storyline, I get one output but when I publish the scene or the project, some of my flash swf's seem to take 2-3 second to start, thus my animation to voice sync is out. This doesn't happen on all slides. It seems to happen when I am using the Storyline Navigation once it has been published as apposed to just viewing the individual slide.

Can anyone tell me why some SWF's seem to not start with the beginning of the slide?

I have tried to create a new slide, copy the content over and then reinsert the swf ( by choosing MOVIE btw ) ... but this produces the same result.

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David Lozinsky

Thanks for the interest in my post. I insert all of my SWF's using the insert movie, not the Insert Flash. I use a frame rate of 30 on all of my flash files.

Does articulate storyline preview the content differently in the single slide mode as apposed to the preview scene? Have you had any expereince with slides not working properly if the user clicks on the navigation before the slide properly starts?

To get around this for this project that I had a deadline for, I just timed the slide to the timing when the project is published, not to the speed of a single slide preview. The problem is, if the slide is refresh/reloaded/replayed, it then plays at the speed of the single slide preview.

Is any of this making sense?

Nancy Woinoski

I have not seen this behavior in SL but have been using very minimal Flash and not to sync voice with animation.

Someone correct me if I am wrong but my understanding is that SL preloads 3 slides at a time so maybe the issue has something to do with that.

Have you tried inserting your audio in the flash file to get around the problem or is that not feasible because you have other non-flash things going on in the screen?

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