Flash Support on iPad | Any Impact?

Hi All,

We know that Storyline is the great authoring tool to create the eLearning courses. It is giving so much flexibilities while develop the course.

To publish HTML5 from Storyline was our best feature to recommend Storyline.

While researching, yesterday we have found puffinbrowser which support Flash on iPad.

As of now I haven’t found any issue or concern with the browser. Of course, it is free for 2 weeks only.

Storyline is far ahead with all amazing features but will there be any type of impact due to this? I cannot think of any major change due to this.

Any thoughts?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Shailesh, 

We don't test or support viewing Flash content on iPad, only content published for HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player app, so I can't report any known issues, but wanted to share a couple apps that users have been able to view Flash content on their iPads with: 

iSWiFTER browser app for iPad. 

Rover browser app for iPad

Please keep in mind, these are in no way supported by Articulate, but good luck