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I have a question, it is about flash.

I'm trying to make a trigger ''jump to next slide when media completes''

In this case the media is a flash file. 

This flashfile is programmed to start the timeline when the interaction on the flashfile is complete. After 2 seconds the flash timeline will stop. (so the idea was that articulate would think the media is completed).

However, articulate won't regonize the flash file as a media file. 

Is there a way to automaticly jump to next slide when my interaction on the flash file is complete?

Thanks in advance

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Rients Pieters

Thanks Ashi, But I can't do that because on the next slide the driver in the car will be drunk (it is a driving course) and then the car will be swinging right and left when the user tries to drag it over the road. Because of this I have to use a flash file.

In the worst case I can just use a button, but the problem is that people can skip the flash interaction. 

still, thank you for the example and help

Steve Flowers

Hi Rients,

One way to do this is to use some JavaScript from the AS file to trigger an action in the Storyline file. Here's a pseudo way to do that:

1) Create a number variable in Storyline (slAdvance)

2) Use a trigger on your slide that advances to the next slide when the value of slAdvance changes

3) Setup a function at the window level that you can call from Flash. In this function, grab the value from Storyline, increment it by one, and send it back into Storyline.

4) Setup an ExternalInterface call to call the function defined in the trigger.

In your trigger, something like:


var player=GetPlayer();

var slValue=player.GetVar("slAdvance");




This is neat in a few ways. This method can also be used to tell Storyline when an activity has been completed, etc...

For the trigger, you might consider adding it to an object that doesn't show on the timeline for a second or so. If you have 2 slides back to back that use this mechanism. you could "double jump" through slides since the events are fired close together.

Michael Kerwin

Hello Rients,

You could also try breaking the slide into two slides and have the first with the flash swf and the timeline set to advance to the next slide automatically. This would also allow you to take away the next button in the slide with the swf so people can not skip it. Would that work for your project?

Rients Pieters

Thank you all, Michael, I cannot change the slide automaticly because I don't know how long it will take before the user completes the flash interaction.

For example: a person reads the text very slowly and wants to start the exercise, but he can't because after X seconds the slide will go the next slide automaticly.

I think Steve's solution will work but I have to admit that it sounds a bit complicated (still new to the programming, e-learning stuff).

I will try it, and let you know. Thanks again for thinking with me If there is any more easy way (not that i am lazy, but just not technical experienced enough yet) please let me know.