Flash timing problem

Mar 03, 2016

Hi, I hope somebody can help me.

I have created an animation in Flash that is perfectly timed at 12.0 Frames per seconds in Flash (plays great on the web). And once inserted in Storyline,.... it seems that Storyline is playing it at 30 frames (or something like that...) and boy it looks like everything is going at a 100 mph !

Can I slow down a Flash animation in Storyline ?
I do not want to redo the animation in Flash.... :-(



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Pierre-Andre -- 

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Pierre-Andre -- Many thanks for your continued patience as I checked out your file! I can confirm that I also experienced the behavior as seen here when testing for web on tempshare.articulate.com. What you might want to consider is perhaps bringing in your animation as a web object, as had been suggested and worked for a similar issue over here in this Presenter-related post

Pierre-Andre Ouellet

Thanks Christie, I did like you suggested, to insert as a Web Object....

But unfortunately the problem still exist. To me it seems that Storyline itself has an issue or the Player with some Flash animation (not all but some...). Is there a way to control some Flash or Video's and the way they are play in Storyline with programming (javascript or other.....) ?


Christie Pollick

Hi, Pierre-Andre -- So sorry to hear that inserting as a web object did not do the trick! As you mentioned potentially using JavaScript, unfortunately, that is not something for which we'd be able to provide support, so I would have to defer to the community to assist you further there. Otherwise, I will see if there is additional information I can share, and will do so as soon as possible.  :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Pierre-Andre -- Apologies for not asking earlier, but have you had a chance to take a look at this document on Flash Movie Best Practices? It sounds to me like the info below on Frame Rate may be causing the troubles you are seeing:

  • Frame Rate
    Storyline publishes at a rate of 30 frames per second. Create your Flash movies at 30 frames per second, so they play at the correct speed in Storyline.

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