Flash to HTML Conversion Deadline

Hi Team,

I need some advice. We are in the process of converting tons of Flash courses into HTML using Storyline 360. Since there is a lot of work, I am afraid that some of it will spill over into the next year. These flash courses are hosted on the client's LMS and we are referring to them for this conversion.

My question is, after 31-December-2020, will the existing flash courses still work for us so that we can convert them?

As always, appreciate your quick response and support.

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Math Notermans

As the courses are already published and active on the LMS, if the courses will work after 31-12 depends more on the LMS and browser you use.

As most vendors ( both LMS and browsers ) have given notice of the Flash-end and also that their tools will phase-out the Flash plugin.

Individual users will have to prevent their browsers from auto updating. If they can’t do this with some browsers, they can preserve old versions of Firefox (freely available open source and allows download of previous versions). They also need to preserve Flash Player plugin.

Organizations who control system and software updates through policies can prevent auto update of browsers. They can also preserve old browser versions and Flash Player plugin.

So basically if you want to ensure you can play Flash for referrence after 31-12 you need to make sure you have an old browser..and your LMS should not block Flash.

If that is not possible... screencam the courses for reference..