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Hello e-learning heroes

As a novice with Storyline 360 I'm tasked to update existing SL projects that were published as Flash and re publish into HTML5.

When I attempt to open a Flash project a message appears

Is there a standard process I should be applying "This project was built in a previous version of Storyline. Would you like to upgrade it to Storline 360? Don't worry, we'll make a backup of your orginal file".

By selecting upgrade, shall I just change the publish properties from Classic to Modern (player) and Formats from Flash to HTML5/Flash or HTML5? Or is there an alternative option?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Trent and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

It sounds like you are looking for some community advice and experience to pull into your upgrade plan.

Based on your question, it seems you are aware of the options you have for publishing within Storyline 360, so it really just depends on your environment and needs.

Modern Player vs. Classic Player

How to Distribute Courses

Trent Rosen

Thanks Leslie.

I've accessed and read both of these articles.

So in summary - when I open an existing project that was orginally published as Flash, am I to click on upgrade (which Storyline then creates a back up version) and than go into the project and select the Format property on the publish window and update to HTML5 and than save? Is that the best approach?