Flash web objects in Storyline do not display published in LMS

Mar 04, 2014

I have a project with several interactive Flash files (.swf) inserted as web objects.  When published for CD to view from my PC, I initially had trouble with Flash player settings (v. 12?), but got that sorted out so I could view the project when launched using the Story.html option.

Now, after publishing for LMS (Moodle), uploading the ZIP file, and viewing it in the LMS, the web objects do not appear at all.  Firefox browser gives me a blank screen inside the slide.  IE9 gives me this error message: "Web page can not be found." That message includes a few generally useless suggestions about what I can try.

Does anyone in e-Learning Heroes land have a useful suggestion how I can make my Flash pieces run as web objects in my project published in my LMS?

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The webpage cannot be found

HTTP 404

Most likely causes:

  • There might be a typing error in the address.
  • If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

What you can try:

Retype the address.

Go back to the previous page.

Go to and look for the information you want.

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Frank  Bialas

I think I got it now, after talking with my IT / webmeister for our LMS. He doesn't know anything about Storyline or publishing software but understands how the web works. It's a matter of absolute referencing. That is, if I am going to run a Storyline publication from the web (my LMS) and it is going to have Flash animations inserted as web objects, those web objects must first be inserted FROM a web address (with a URL pathname), so when the slide calls for the web object, the browser I'm viewing it on has a web url to go to looking for the web object to display. 

Previously, I imagined that Storyline just bundled up everything it needed to run a published project in the LMS into the ZIP file, tending to all the details without human intervention!

I will copy my Flash folders out to my LMS server and re-do my insertions of web objects, when the boss gets back from vacation next week to approve my getting access to the LMS server to load external stuff on it.  Hopefully, that's that.

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