Flashcard Interaction Management

Hello, I am relatively new to Storyline 360 and this is my first post. I appreciate any insight you have to offer.

I built a flashcard interaction and would like to use it as a template to build more flashcard sets. I'm looking for a quick workflow to get words and their definitions from my SME into my story. I am attaching my story file, but I am open to using a different template if someone has a similar process that works for them.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

you could try using the translation option.

File > Translation > Export : creates an export of the content to Word then you could change the text and then File > Translation > Import to bring it back in to SL. Here is a tutorial

Not sure if that would be any quicker for you retyping directly into SL.

Lisa Reilly


I am still working my process of developing flashcards for my faculty. I have figured out how to quickly populate the translation doc from a spreadsheet of words and terms using mailmerge, but I am having an issue with centering. I have text in my original story file that is centered on slides, but when I import my edited translation document back into it my text is left justified. It looks centered on the doc, but it is not in Storyline. Do you have any insight into why this might be happening?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

My understanding is the translation feature works EXPORT out then IMPORT in. It is designed to take the export original SL content to Word, translate the text and import back into SL.  It should bring the content back in formatted how it went out. I've only used it in SL2 and not yet in SL360 so I can't speak to what may be happening.

Let me do a little test to see

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lisa

I've just done a test in SL2 and SL360 using translation feature and it appears to be working for me.

In SL I left justified the Q and right justified the A of the flipcard and when exported it retained that and when imported it retained that.  If I centred in the document it imported back in as centred so it appeared to be following my requirements where I made changes.