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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Debra. Really sorry you're seeing flashing when pressing Enter & navigating slides.

I saw that you have an existing case with my teammate, Ronaziel. Can I confirm if the .story file shared with him holds this issue? If it's a different project, would you be able to send that .story file for testing? You can add it as a comment by clicking on Add Attachment below, or you can share it privately with me here

Also, do you see the flashing in Preview mode, after the file is published, or both? 

I'll be standing by!

Debra Lieber

Thank you! I sent you the .story file.  It occurs in preview mode and in published mode.  I also made sure that there were no transitions as well.  I tried both players, and saw no difference.  I did it locally without it being on a network (the program i am recording).  Its very choppy and it goes in and out of focus between slides etc.  This is the same file that I shared before.

I also realized that when you look at the individual slide and play it you can see the change, however no change was made on the screen, its the same exact screen.  I don't remember this issue with Storyline 2, I have updated 360 to the most recent version as well.

I also tried fine tuning to see if I would see a difference there, but i didn't it looks nice and normal..no jumping or focus changes.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for the extra detail, Debra! This is extremely helpful as we continue to dig into what's happening here.

Since it's a private file, I shared my findings with you via email. I also let Ronaziel know about this latest information as well as my testing notes. Really appreciate you continuing to reach out – I'm going to follow the case closely as I'm also curious to get to the root of this behavior!

Katie Riggio

Hi again, Debra! 

I've been thinking about this case and saw that you were able to determine that the flashing was related to the screen resolution. Nice work! If you're able to share specifics, please do – in case anyone else found this discussion after seeing the same behavior ☺️

Thanks again, and you know where to find us if you need anything else!

Angela Jackson


Is there any further update on this issue? I just returned from leave and updated all my PC and now my projects are jumping between slides, where they didn't before (back in October last year). It's incredibly disconcerting and doesn't look very professional.  Would love to know how this is fixed/any work around etc.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Angela,

Thanks so much for reaching out. What version of Storyline are you using? We've found an issue in Storyline 360 Update 23 where there is a slight flicker between screen recording view mode slides. We've seen this in Storyline Preview. Does that sound similar to what you're experiencing?

If so, you can temporarily work around this by installing a previous update of Storyline -- here's how. 

As soon as we get this resolved, I'll come back to this conversation to let you know!

Simon Seagrave

Hi all,

Have any of you ever found a workaround or fix for this flashing between slides issue?  I continue to experience with any modern web browser using the HTML5 exported version.

The only way I've managed to stop if flashing is by exporting it to Adobe Flash (welcome back to 2005) via the 'Classic' player.  :)

Thanks,   Simon

Katie Riggio

Great news, everyone!

Remember the issue where step-by-step screen recordings could flicker when transitioning between slides?

I'm very excited to share that we just released Update 33 for Storyline 360, and it addresses this issue!

Here's how to update Storyline 360, and you can check out all the new enhancements right here. Let us know what you think!