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I am having a link in my course to a section in the LMS, but it is not working after this module is being moved to another course. I am wondering if there are any ways to make flexible links in the Storyline. I am currently testing if the link is working if the object is in the LOR, but some of the objects (like Dropboxes) can not be part of the LOR, so that will not help much anyway. Thanks for your inputs!

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Tamara Tarasova

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply! By flexible link I mean the one that would still work if the course module is being moved to anther course. I have a link to a dropbox module (submitting assignments) that works fine when it is within a certain course. However, a soon as the client moves this module to another course, it doesn't work any more. So it am looking for a solution to it.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Tamara Tarasova

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tamara,

I'm still a bit fuzzy on this and maybe it is in your LMS, so then I'll have to defer to the community, but I thought I'd try and clarify a bit further. 

Say you have Course A (hosted on web or LMS) and you've linked to a file that is hosted in Dropbox. If you than move the Dropbox file to link it in Course B, the original link within Course A is no longer valid. If you don't move the file, you should be able to link to it from within each course using the exact same file path. 

If I'm totally off base, sharing a bit more about your set up, and where this course module is being moved from/too and where the courses are hosted may assist community members in answering as well.