Flickering in story view


I have a big STORYLINE file (almost 700 mb). And I need to add some more Screen-recordings. But the graphic makes Problems. It starts flickering when I use the Story view. I can not work any longer in Story view.

Are there any file size limits working with storyline? Is there a chance to stop the flickering?

Thank you for your help!




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Matthew Bibby

I've come across the same issue in a project that I am working on.

After importing nine modules in order to make one module to rule them all, Story view started flickering and becoming unresponsive:

In one case, it took me more than 10 minutes to drag two slides from one scene to another! I've had to quit Storyline multiple times and really exercise my patience with this one. 

All of my other projects are running as expected.

I'll do a repair when I get a chance later today, any other ideas on what I can try if that doesn't work? Thanks.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew, 

If your course has many scenes, you can collapse some of them in Story View to make them easier to work with. However, you may find that Story View flashes or blinks repeatedly when scenes are collapsed if your course has more than 150 slides.

This is a known issue. You can avoid this behavior by expanding scenes until the blinking stops.