Flip cards

I would love to get your help.

I created 4 Flip cards in articulate using different states and a true/false variable to toggle the cards. The "Next button appears after all cards were clicked. 

The idea is ... If the user clicks on a card it will show the other side.
That works well for the first card, for all others the user needs to double click, even if I used the same trigger.

Has someone a piece of advice?

Thanks a lot

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Miriam Gunther

Hi Tom, 

I can not share the file for confidential information.

  • I created 4 shapes and a state turn for each one
  • I created a button with a greyed out state
  • I added a variable Cardturn, and I created a variable for each card 1,2,3, 4,
  • If the user clicks the first card, I set variable 1 to true. 
  • Then I toggle cardturn
  • I change the state of card 1 to turn if cardturn to true
  • I change the state of card 1 to normal if cardturn to false
  • I change the state of button 1 to normal if 1,2,3 and 4 is true and the it will jump to next slide
  • I repeat this action for all 4 cards