Flipping animation ideas

Does anyone know of a good trigger sequence to build to make it look like an object is being flipped over onto another?  Right now I have a motion path from the left to the right, and a swivel animation to complete right before the motion path starts.  I'd like the swivel animation to trigger during the motion path, so it looks like it's flipping as it moves.  Is that possible?

Thank you!  :)

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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

You could experiment with layering animations. Start by adding a animation like swivel  to something. Then group the object with a transparent object to allow you to add another animation on top of the group. you can get some interesting results!

Also, I haven't tried grouping a set of groups to add more animations on top of each other, but in theory you could keep combining animations.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Teresa -- I am not totally sure if this is what you have in mind or not, but you may also want to take a look at this thread, as a similar question appears to have been posed. And you are always welcome to share your file if you would like others in the community to chime in with their creative design ideas! :)