Float up by paragraphs makes each line appear in uneditable tab order

Hi all,

I'm having a problem that I hope someone can help me with (or confirm is a bug). I have a bulleted list in a text box with "float up by paragraphs" animation. The slide is advanced by the user, so the a learner with a screen reader can tab through the slide before proceeding. For 508 compliance, I have only the header text and the text box in tab order. Tabbing focus should land on only those two items, and then it should jump to the player navigation.

The problem is that in preview or when published to Articulate Review, the tab focus goes from the header to the text box, as expected, but instead of jumping to navigation, it jumps to each bulleted item in reverse order (from bottom to top). This kind of redundancy is, of course, unnecessary, and it will be doubly confusing for a learner to have the tab order go backwards through the bulleted list. The individual bulleted lines don't show up in tab order at all, so I can't remove them from the tab order list or change their order.

I can't share my course because it contains proprietary information, but I created a mockup of that page to illustrate the problem (attached).

Thank you in advance for any assistance!


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Vincent Scoma

Hi Lisa,

I am happy to share that we just released the newest version of Storyline 360 Build 3.37.21453.0, which fixed the issue where screen readers would read animated paragraphs out of sequence.

The next step is to update Storyline 360 by heading to your Articulate 360 desktop app and clicking "Update" next to Storyline 360. 

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you have by posting in this discussion, or you can contact our Support Engineers directly.