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Batten Berg

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the scrolling panel will work for the references but it was just one example. Here's another, I have 15 pages of text (which would translate to a crazy number of slides!) to include for the learner to refer to. There will, of course, be nice interactions built throughout to test knowledge but as my subject is very technical and I have a back catalogue of cources to transfer to Articulate it would be much faster and easier to use linked textboxes to get the text onto the slides. (I have this case x40 projects.)

We'll be looking to revamp each course over the next year so they are less text heavy but we need everything to be available in the meantime. It's excellent content - just more like a book!

I can access Storyline and Studio.

Thanks so much for considering my options for this.

Batten Berg

I had an idea. I haven't tested this out yet but it has the potential to save me weeks of work:

1.     Add Send to PowerPoint to Word Quick Access Toolbar.

2.     Use Headings 1, 2, 3, and 4 to apply a style to the text (create a new style to make the headings look like body text if they're too large to work with).

3.     Click the Send to PowerPoint button.

4.     All text now shown in PowerPoint with Heading 1 as a slide title, Heading 2 as bullet points and Headings 3 and 4 as sub bullet points.

5.     To remove the bullet point from Heading 2 text, amend the Style in Master View.

6.     Apply your e-learning course Theme.

7.     Text now ready to design and output using Presenter or import into Storyline.

Now to test the theory...

Any other ideas / tips gratefully received!

Batten Berg

It's gone well but I've hit a hurdle.

I've created custom styling to apply in Word and at a click of a button my text is transferred to PowerPoint. Perfect.

The styling in my Word document indicates what emphasis my subject expert has given the information. And the Heading 1 style creates a new slide (fantastic!).

In PowerPoint I've applied my theme but I need to find a way of editing or overriding the PowerPoint 'Master text styles' in the Slide Master. Ideally I need to remove the bullet points and differentiate the second, third, etc, levels by using a different size/font/indentation. Then they'll represent the emphasis they need to hold when I build the course.

The bullet point levels seem to be connected so if I change one the others change too. Nightmare.

Anyone have any idea if I can get round this?

In Word I have my heading styles set up to represent my course content as follows:

Heading 1 = Heading of slide
Heading 2 = Bullet list
Heading 3 = Sub-bullet list
Heading 4 = Numbered list
Heading 5 = Body text