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Keith Kemsley

Good point, Phil!

I did check the content folder, and the video files do show up as MP4's. Launched separately in Windows Media Player, the converted files play fine. I even transferred one of these MP4 files over to my iPad and played it separately there. It played fine.

However, I still cannot get the videos to play on the iPad within the course.

iPad Browser = Safari

Include HTML5 = YES

Mobile Player = NO


It probably goes without saying, but the courses and videos work fine on all desktop platforms.

Anyone else have any problems getting videos to play on iPad or have any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

Keith Kemsley

I found the many articles where it was suggested that adding "show player controls" was the only way they could get the videos to play on an iPad. I tried this suggestion and it works. (Unfortunately, I now have a less-than-ideal solution with player controls on the video and player controls on the player beneath the video when shown on a desktop computer. Also, the iPad user has to click on the video to get it to play. Sigh.)

p.s. No, there is no accompanying audio file.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Keith,

When viewing the html5 version, you'll need to "click to play" to start the videos, and that's a general limitation of the html5 output. 

If you've now included the player controls for the video and you don't want it to be unsynced with the timeline you could use the method here to cover it with a hotspot. 

In addition to what you've already mentioned, I did want to share this article with some other common troubleshooting steps for why videos may not play.