FLV import to Storyline

Mar 20, 2013

Hmm... I am really pulling my hair about importing media file into the Storyline. I am trying to import FLV file, and I got this error saying it is not the supported video format. Please look at the screenshot below

Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.

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Benny Kurniawan

Christine, Thank you for your inputs. What I am trying to do is to convert an .mp3 file to a video file (e.g., FLV). The reason for that is I would like to be able to have controls (e.g., video controls) for audio. This way user can play/pause and scrub.

Can you tell me if there is a way to convert an .mp3 to a  a video file (e.g., FLV, MP4, etc)? Thanks.

Quick note: The FLV play on its own outside the Storyline. Since it is converted from an .mp3 file, there is no video for it..

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Benny,

Err.. not really sure about that one. Have to say I was not expecting that Out of curiosity, why not just make a video using a screen recording of the sound? That may be a lot easier. Of if you want to have the audio and video you could do that as well in one swoop. 

Just make sure your speakers are being picked up by the screen recording, start the recording and play the audio. If you want to add visuals/video you can do that by either recording a video in addition to the audio, or simply place it off of the slide when you insert it. 

I'm afraid I haven't converted audio to video, but I think that may be the cause of the issue. 

Benny Kurniawan

Hi Christine,

Thank you for your advice. I just cannot imagine me sitting down and do the screen recording. It is a great idea if you just need to do a 5 minutes screen recording. But we did so many podcasts, and each of them can be an hour long. So as you can see, the screen recording will not be a great way to go about it. So if we can find the right way to convert the audio to video that will be very helpful.

Christine Hendrickson

Ouch, yeah - that may take a bit of time, didn't think about the audio being that long.

I'm afraid I can't offer much more advice for that. However, it may be helpful to start another post over in the Building Better Courses for some additional exposure. Maybe one of our community gurus can help out with this.

I wish you the best of luck, Benny!

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