Fly-in animation

I am having some difficulty with the Fly-in animation.  I have two bullets of text that I want to fly in with one fly-in per bullet.

I have selected fly in "by first level paragraph", which is working for most of the text, but the very last line of text on the second bullet (which is part of the preceding paragraph) is flying in separately. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jennifer! Sounds like perhaps an unintentional hard-return got inserted in your paragraph and is causing the text thereafter to animate separately? Maybe try inserting your cursor immediately before the text that's animating errantly, and press the backspace key to kill off any hard return that might be lurking there. If it still behaves wrongly, you could attach your story file to your reply here in this thread, and we could help dissect and troubleshoot.

Jennifer W

Hi Jeannette! 

Thank you for the reply - I thought this may be the cause, so I checked for the hard return and there isn't one - though I am wondering if it is acting like a hard return exists because I entered some extra spaces in the text for alignment purposes.  I will attach the file.  The animation I am referring to is on slide 1.3.

It's kind of odd because in that same text box, the first bullet comes in all at once and the second bullet is split up. 

Jeanette Brooks

Thanks for attaching your file, Jennifer! I have Storyline 2, so it's possible that things might behave differently for you if you have SL1. But here's what I see on slide 1.3, in sequence:

  • The title animates in (ARS § 28-2153).
  • The first checkmark-bulleted text animates in ("The defendant may be eligible...").
  • The second checkmark-bulleted text animates in ("Examples of acceptable proof...").
  • The entire first sub-bullet animates in ("a copy of...").
  • The entire second sub-bullet animates in ("a receipt from...").

Is this different from what you want to happen?

Jeanette Brooks

Weird! I'm not seeing that behavior when I preview it in SL2. But you might be right, all the extra spaces might be creating some kind of conflict. I know it's not a super-quick fix, but what I'd do is rebuild the text as separate textboxes, without the added spaces, and create the checkbox bullet as a separate textbox. That way you can use the textboxes to control the text alignment without adding all the manual spaces. If you want the checkbox and the text to animate together, you could always group them and apply the animation to the group. Hope that helps!