Fly-in animations do not ease in SL2?

Oct 08, 2014


I've noticed that with the upgrade to SL2, the easing effect on fly-in animations occurs inconsistently. This is especially evident when upgrading a SL1 course to SL2. It seems that animations that used to ease, now animate in at the same speed from start to finish. Is this a known issue? Is there a way to consistently apply the easing effect to animations without using the motion path option?



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Kevin Thorn

Hey Aaron,

I've not experienced inconsistent animation easing. Could be a bug but can't be for sure if it's a known issue. If you have a working example, I'd suggest submitting a support case and let the Articulate Engineers take a crack at it.

As for you question regarding easing adjustments, I don't know of any for simple object animations. The new motion path animation supports easing IN and OUT as you know.

Not the answer you were hoping for, but that's all I got.

Victor de Prada

Hi Aaron,

I had the same feeling as you when I first saw the "Fly in" animation on SL2.

Now the movement looks extremely unnatural as it used to be... in SL1 the shapes seemed to accelerate and slow down when they arrive to their spot.

I noticed that in motion paths, like Kevin says, you can choose easing options, but I found nothing on regular animations.


@Kevinthorn Can't you see it? Looks pretty obvious to me.


Anyway, I'm glad I am not the only one seeing this.

Hope that It can be solved in following updates.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

There aren't any easing options within SL2 for regular animations, although you're welcome to request them here.

In regards to how it behaves, I've been playing around with some, and I'm not clear on what you're looking for - I don't see an acceleration, but the slowing down you've mentioned - are you using the same speed/duration for each of them (SL1 vs. SL2)? They're written differently - SL2 allows you to actually specify the duration time. 

Victor de Prada

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your reply!

I know I can specify the duration time, but It doesn't change the fact that some objects have no easing with "Fly in" animation. At least in my experience with SL2.
Curiously, i found that some objects have easing and others not. I recorded an example of what I mean attached to this reply.

I'm probably doing something wrong, or maybe is just in my mind...I don't know anymore, haha.
Could you please take a look at the recording?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Victor,

Thanks for sending along the MP4 file as that helped me see what you were describing better. I do see a report filed with our QA team in regards to the easing effect and a change in it's behavior from SL1 to SL2 - but not specific to characters vs. images, so I'm going to share this video with them as well in that report. Do you have the .story file that is in that video as well so that I could share it with our team? 

Victor de Prada

Hi Ashley,

I feel better if you see it too.

I don't have that .story file, I just made it in order to record de video. Anyway, I created a new one, you can find it attached again on this reply.

I don't know why, but in this project I just created, the first character has easing and the image does not, as in the previous video. But I copied-pasted the character to show the no-easing vs the easing effect in different moments, and in the second character I pasted, now i can't see the easing effect.

As far as I see, they have the same animation settings.
Take a look for yourself.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

No more thinking you're going crazy Victor! I have those moments though too, so I'm glad I could confirm. 

Thanks for sharing the file (it's close enough to the video) and the description you shared, and the report I've seen filed - match in terms of it being inconsistent. So it's a tricky one to nail down - and the more examples for our team the better. I'll keep you posted here with any updates/additional information but I don't have any timelines to share in regards to a fix. 

Jamie Shaw

If I can just chime in here as well...

I have been an avid user of SL1 since it first came out, and eagerly awaited SL2.  I'm just about to pull the trigger on purchasing the upgrade (I'm 30 days in to the 30 day trial!), but the one thing stopping me do that is this awful bug with the animation / transition easing.  

In SL1, the animations just had this lovely smooth liquid ease-in that just looked 'right'.  Now with the SL2, the animations are abrupt and look cheap and nasty.  No matter what length of time I specify the animation to occur over, it just doesn't look good.  I think if anything, an animation entry eases-out of it's off-screen start position, and then accelerates to an abrupt halt at it's final position on the screen.

I've created about 10 different projects in SL2 now, and it is the same across the board.  The only thing I can think of, is that these projects have either been upgraded from an SL1 project, or created from scratch, but with interactions / animations that have been imported from an SL1 project.

Incidentally, I have tried the new SL2.2 update (which was supposed to address an issue with animation easing) but the behaviour is still the same.

Please take this issue seriously and fix the bug, or add easing options to animations / transitions as you have done with Motion Paths.

I'll try and create a project totally from scratch now to see if the issue still occurs.



Jamie Shaw

OK.... to further update my last little chime-in, a totally new project does not exhibit the same animation ease-in bug.  Animations are indeed smooth and natural looking.  On the other hand, a new slide with new animations in an existing project is still problematic.

Also, there still seems to be an issue with easing-in in slide transitions though, which I can kind of live with, but an option to ease a 'cover' transition for example would be handy.

I really hope you can look in to the issue, as it's just not practical to re-create an existing project from scratch just to benefit from those features new to SL2. I'm happy to submit my projects to your support team (I can't post them in the public domain unfortunately) if necessary.  


Brett Rockwood

Jamie, that's a great observation of the difference between existing SL1 files and newly created SL2 files. I too have been frustrated with the way easing works, especially on slide transitions where I'd much prefer a smooth, even-speed effect. I think I've already put in a feature request for easing controls on transitions/animations like what is available on motion paths.


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