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Nov 13, 2013

Tim Slade does from really beautiful work, and he recently posted an idea for a seamless transition between slides. I love the idea of having the shapes fly out after the user clicks Continue, but I didn't love the idea of duplicating each slide. Sadly, the folks I work with are never finished with a module, so it would double my work every time they have a revision. After reflecting, I came up with a solution.

I added a layer, triggered by an off-slide shape, that pauses the base layer. That trigger only contains the word "continue." This closes the Continue Layer, which allows the exit animations to go. It doesn't let the word "continue" have any animation to it, unfortunately, and you do need to do a little tinkering in having the continue trigger come in at the right time, after the entrance animation finishes but before the exit animation starts. But depending on how  you work and your clients' demands, this might work better for some folks. 

I'm attaching a little proof of concept, nothing fancy. Anyone see a fatal flaw, or something that could be improved? (I didn't spend much time timing the entrance of the continue layer. Ideally it would come in right after the entrance animation finishes.

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Cheng Li

Hi Katie,

I have to say that I feel lucky to have found your post before starting my next new project.

I love the fly-in-and-out transition effect. It really gives learners a smooth transition feeling between slides, which is what I am trying to create for my new project. Here is my approach to creating the effect I had in mind before: add hidden transition slides in between slides that I want to have the effect to transition in-between. These hidden (not showing in the menu) slides only last for a few seconds with the fly-in or fly-out objects. They are triggered to jump to next slide automatically when the timeline ends. By doing it this way, I somehow "simulated" the fly-in-and-out effect. 

However, as you might have detected the problem of this approach, it requires a lot of work to duplicate objects, create transition slides, and create fly-in and fly-out animations over and over again. It is doable but not efficient. Whereas your approach is simple, efficient and effective!

Thanks for sharing this approach. This will definitely save a huge amount of time for me.



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