Focus on fill in the blank quiz text entry box


I have a fill-in-the blank quiz.

I would like to do one of two things (or even both).

(a) deactivate the Enter key OR

(b) Make sure that the cursor is always in the text box for the fill-in-the-blank quiz.

I have read various discussion relating to earlier versions of Articulate, but wonder if this is still problematic in this version.

Thanks for your advice


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Kaye McLennan

I did the uninstall/install of the download that Ashley's link lead me to:  Storyline 2 Update 7
Build 1509.1408. I rebooted, opened the module and published it. However, when the fill-in-the-blank slide is reached, the text entry box still does not have the focus on the box.  I triggered the submission of the box with the return key and eliminated the submit button on the slide.

Do you have another suggestion? Thank you.

Kaye McLennan

I just answered my own question by searching more posts (link below):

The text entry box must be at the bottom of the timeline. Therefore, I took all shapes and pictures that were underlying the text box part of a master slide. Now the text entry box is visible when it's at the bottom of the timeline, because the other objects are part of the master slide. It works. This is another thing I will add to my list of Articulate tips (details like this that don't show up in any tutorial) for our organization.

Bennie Naude

Hi,  I have the same question, "Make sure that the cursor is always in the text box for the fill-in-the-blank quiz."

I have a 'frame' shape that provides a gray background to the slide.  It has to be 'send to back' as to not overlay the text on the slide.

When I send it to 'back', it automatically moves to the end of the timeline.  When I move it up the timeline, it moves to the 'front' and overlays the rest of the slide.

Screenshot attached.

In this case, how do I get the cursor to default to the text box?

Many thanks,


Lauren Connelly

Hi Bennie!

Have you tried moving the Text Entry to the end of the timeline? It looks like you need to move Text Entry to one spot down. 

If you are still having issues, are you comfortable with sharing your file with us? You can do that by using the "Add Attachment" button in this discussion. If you prefer to share the file privately, feel free to use this link to send the file to our Support Engineers. Either way, we will delete the file afterwards!

Bennie Naude

Thank you Lauren.  As explained, it could not be moved it to the end of the timeline.

I've logged it with support and got helped, many thanks.  (Part of the solution was to format the background of the slide through properties rather than a "shape" that ended up being at the end of the timeline.

Still having issues where multiple 'text-entry' variables appear when inserting from a template - logged as issue #01895472.

Best wishes