Focus Order for Pick One Slide Not Working Quite Right

Hello. I set up a form-based multiple choice question slide in Storyline 360 and have tested the focus order with the NVDA application. Unfortunately, the focus starts with the slide answers, even though I set up the focus order to start at the slide title, then the slide instruction, and then the description text before getting to the answers (see attached Storyline file).

Is there something I'm missing? Thank you.

ps. I am able to get NVDA to back up the focus into the first three bits of text when the focus is on the first answer by switching to browse mode (Insert-Spacebar) and then pressing the Up Arrow repeatedly. This isn't ideal for accessibility though.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Thomas.

Thank you for sharing the .story file!

When I publish it for the web and test it using Edge, I can use my arrow keys to trigger NVDA to read, in order:

  • Question Title
  • "Select the answer that best matches..."
  • Body ("Lorem ipsum...")

The tab key takes me to the first interactive option (radio button - Wrong answer 1). I can use the arrow keys to navigate through the answer options. Tabbing again takes me to the Submit button.

Are you experiencing something different?