Folded map effect in Storyline

Jan 22, 2015

I was looking today for some folded map effect generator. Found few tutorials on how to do it in Photoshop or using CSS and JavaScript code. It all seemed rather time consuming and demanding some coding knowledge.

Fortunately Storyline (or PowerPoint if you want to use a map directly in Studio) lets you do that within 15 minutes.
Folded map effect is easy and straightforward achievable in these 3 short steps:
1. Insert a screenshot of a map.
2. Add an outline and a shadow.
3. Create few shapes (there are 6 rectangles in my case) and add a gradient as a fill.

Et voila! Here's how it looks like.

It probably needs some more detailed work with the fills, but is good enough as a basis for recreating.
Enjoy the Storyline file I've attached below.

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