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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Danny - I took a look at your story file and I think this might be a bug. I first tried deleting the tabs and creating them on the slide master and still had the same issue that you are having. Next I then made a blank slide master and created a new slide in your course. I then copied the tabs from your current slide master to the new slide and the work fine when you hover over them. So there is something happening to the font when the tabs are on the slide master.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yoni,

It seems that Danny was able to solve the problem by following the steps to import it into a new Storyline file.  Also, since he mentioned the slide master, I did want to offer the reminder that Storyline doesn't currently support changing the state of an object that's located on a layer in your slide master. To interact with objects on a layer, you'll need to add them to the actual content slide rather than the slide master.

If you'd like to request this feature, click here