Font changes (sometimes) when pasting from GDoc to placeholder

Sep 26, 2012

We've roughed out our course as a series of storyboards in Google Docs presentations, and I now have a large amount of copying and pasting to do, from these Google files into text placeholders in Storyline.

The Storyline placeholders are all set up to use either the heading or the body font from our custom theme.

When I paste into a placeholder that uses the heading font, all is good. But when I paste into a placeholder that uses the body font (Arial), Storyline changes the font to Tahoma.

This is particularly odd given that the text in the Google presentation is set in Arial to begin with.

If this is expected behavior, can I override it somehow?

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Ben Dunlap

Thanks Peter. Yes, I definitely have Arial. The problem is easy enough to work around -- I've already acquired the habit of just clicking on the text box in the timeline after pasting, and then selecting Arial from the Home bar's font dropdown. Would be nice not to have to do that extra step, of course! I'll plan to submit a case soon.

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