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Christie Pollick

Hi, Louise -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! After publishing, may I ask where you are testing your published output? Can you please confirm that you are encountering this behavior after the course has been uploaded to its intended environment or where it will ultimately be accessed, as well?

Louise F

Hi All,

Thank you for your replies! Christie, I am testing the course in a different place actually (the VLE) as I don't have a test area on our intranet where it will be stored when completed. I did look at those posts, but I'm still confused. So does every user have to have the font installed on their computer to view it online? I'm using an HTML 5 format output so that's what it sounds like. The odd thing is that surely if I have it in Storyline shouldn't I (at least) be able to see it when I publish? I don't understand how anyone could necessarily know what fonts people have installed on their computer so does that mean it's safest to stick to regular fonts? It's a bit disappointing as obviously it's nice to make it look a bit different :(

Thanks for your help!


Christie Pollick

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