Font characters and symbols missing or not displaying correctly (Roboto, Windings)


A user has reported (and sent a screenshot) of all 'f' characters missing from the presentation. 

They also see "w" in place of a bullet symbol. The bullet is a diamond symbol from Windings - character code 0077.

Can someone confirm that fonts are embedded in SCORMs? I assumed they were. Any thoughts on why this might happen?

Aren't Roboto and Windings web-safe fonts?

The user is on IE.



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Lauren Connelly


Thank you for sharing the screenshot! It's always helpful to see how your course is being displayed. I'd suggest taking a look at this support article which describes what you're seeing! As you'll see in the article, we've noticed this issue specifically with Internet Explorer.

Here’s how to fix these font issues in Storyline 360, Storyline 3, Rise 360, and Studio 360 courses.

  1. Add a MIME Type to Your Hosting Server
  2. Enable the Font Download Setting in Learners’ Browsers

Please keep us updated!