Font color in notes is not the same color as when it is published!

Mar 04, 2016

My developer and I are working on an issue that when we publish our Storyline 2 file the color of the text in the notes changes.  EX - when the color is white it changes to black.  OR when it is black it changes to white.  Weird part is that it is very random and we cannot figure out why!  PLEASE HELP! SOS!


The text in the screen shot should be white.  It is white in the file, but not when we publish. 

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Christie Pollick

Thanks for the update, Nicholas, and please keep us posted!

And if issues persist, you are welcome to upload your file and we will gladly see if we are able to reproduce the behavior you are seeing on our end. All you 'd need to do is use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you can browse/upload from there! :)

Nicholas Weismantel


We are still having issue.  My boss and I were trouble shooting today, and we found something interested....

On a PC or MAC the text is still white and not black making it hard to read.  BUT when he when to his Ipad app all text was fine.  Not sure if this helps. 


Here is the file.  Remember previewing the file it worked fine, but when we published the file the text in the notes should've been black, but is white.  


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicholas,

I took a look at your file this am and just published a few sample slides for testing, and it seems that with the exception of the first slide, the notes showed as White on a blue background for me in preview and publish.You can view the example I published here and it's worth noting that in Storyline 2 Update 7 the notes formating and color will be controlled as detailed here.

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