Font colors buggy when importing a PowerPoint into Storyline 3

Hi All,

We have been having issues when importing a completed PowerPoint into SL3.  The font colors in the menu panel or when copying and pasting content from the PowerPoint into inserted marker callouts - we have problem getting the font and callout background colors to cooperate.  They will look ok when editing the marker callout or in the notes under the slide.  Then when we preview the file or publish to our LMS - the colors are changed to something we didn't specify. 

Seems a work around for the marker callouts is to simply re-add the information in the callout manually and not to copy and paste from the PowerPoint.  The only work around for the font color in the menu panel is to change the menu panel background color so the pesky unspecified white font will show.

Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing this issues.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Becky,

It's not an issue that sounds familiar, but it may be that copying/pasting versus using the importing it causing some odd behavior. I'd also look into the recommendations here to confirm that your files adhere to these best practices and if you're still having trouble - we'd love to take a look at the file. If you can share the .ppt and/or the .story file that will really help!