Font displays as unreadable gibberish

Nov 05, 2019

I'm using a template from a client. The body font, "Lato," displays as unintelligible gibberish in preview mode (see attached screenshot Lato Font display in preview mode.jpg). 

In authoring mode, the Lato body text appears just fine (see attached screesnhot Lato Font display in authoring mode.jpg)

Other fonts, like the heading font, appear correctly, but the body font displays as unintelligible gibberish.

Things I've tried to no avail:

  • Previewing the file in other browsers -- Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer all return the same results
  • Publishing the file
  • Deleting my cookies
  • Restarting my computer (I'm running Storyline version 3.33.20697.0 on a PC with Windows 10).
  • Using the Design>Fonts menu to replace the body font with the Lato font on my computer (in case there is some font version discrepancy). 
  • Posting the published file on a website:

If I use the native Articulate font as the body font, the text displays correctly. But, there's something about the "Lato" font which doesn't work in Storyline. And I have to use it because it's part of the company's branding guidelines. I don't have problems with Lato in any other applications (Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Premiere, etc.), only Storyline.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Obviously,  I can't use this template if the body font appears like this.

Thanks in advance!





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Joe Schultz

Here’s some bizarre behavior: I installed the Lato font set from the client that created the template. Nothing changed. I saw that the thumbnail of the italic fonts in the Fonts folder showed those strange characters, so I deleted the italic fonts from the Fonts folder. No change. Now thumbnail of the regular fonts showed the strange characters, so I deleted all the Lato fonts. I closed Storyline and reopened it expecting it to say that the Lato font was missing. It didn’t say the Lato font was missing and the Lato body text appeared as normal. And here’s the kicker – the Lato fonts previewed perfectly. I looked at the Fonts folder, and the Lato regular, Lato bold, Lato light, and Lato Black font files were back. So, I guess Storyline automatically installed the fonts it needed, but didn’t like the ones that were already installed. Go figure… 

So, problem solved for now.

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