Font inconsistencies across machines

We're currently developing some courses for a client and have run into an odd problem with fonts not displaying properly across multiple machines. The font should be "Helvetica" (not bold / italic / black / etc), but is showing as you see in the attachment on 2 of our 4 workstations. The other 2 display everything properly.

To ensure we're all using the exact same version of Helvetica, we've uninstalled the font on the affected machine, then installed a copy from the unaffected.

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Derek Carr

We use Tortoise SVN. The file is duplicated across all machines on the network. Whenever an adjustment is made, all machines get the update so no files are being opened from a server.

As for resetting, choosing "Helvetica" (regular) on the affected machines reproduces this issue. Making the text bold / italic / underlined shows as intended. See attached

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Derek,

Files being on a server, networked or USB drive can cause issues with the file, so I'd advise sharing the method here in regards to collaborating on files.  

As for the font, if that's occurring in brand new files on the impacted machines as well, and you've already confirm that all the font types are installed for the Helvetica font then I'd look at conducting a repair of Storyline as detailed here. If you're still having difficulty and it's just on those two machines, is there anything else different about their set up? Perhaps different Windows or Office versions?