Font issue in Storyline 360

Dec 20, 2016

The font Adobe Caslon Pro shows up as symbols and scrambled during preview.  However, it shows up fine in Storyline 2. 

Advice would be appreciated.


Attached is a screenshot

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Beth Kraemer

Hi - I'm having the same problem.  The font shows fine in preview and fine when published in flash.  But in the HTML version the text shows as symbols.  I've attached a couple screen shots. I started this project with a trial version of Storyline.  In researching the problem, I thought it might go away when I got the full version, but that hasn't happened.  Thank you!

Katie Reynolds

Thanks very much for your reply Alyssa, the LMS Admins have come back and said that it is on their end but they aren't too sure what it is at this point.
I will keep on keeping on and hopefully be able to launch things soon.

Kind regards,

Katie Reynolds

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Night Owl

Hi jumping into this thread...I am seeing the wonky font when publishing in Storyline 360. The font we are using is Akzidenz-Grotesk Pro Med. Attached is what the screen looks like when playing the tutorial in HTML5 format after publishing using 360. The font should be all non-italic and bold. It displays it alternating normal and italic. There are some outlines missing around graphics as well. I don't see how to tell what version of Storyline 360 we are running...also there is no "Update All" button when I launch the menu.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deirdre,

Thanks for the screenshot! You can see what version of Storyline 360 you're running by clicking the Help tab, then About Storyline. We're currently on build 3.5.11153.0.

Do you know if a bold version of Akzidenz-Grotesk Pro Med is also installed on your computer? It might be helpful if you could share a copy of the font installer file so we can give this a test. 

Can you tell me more about the outlines that are missing on your graphics? You're seeing this happen after you publish, correct?

Night Owl

Well, the 2 font packages that I see installed are “Akzidenz-Grotesk Pro” and “Akzidenz-Grotest Pro Super”. Both of those include bold fonts. These fonts are installed remotely by our IT, so I don’t have the installer. However, the we have found this issue is only on text that is bolded.
The issue with the outline is on a question form slide view…the one where you drag the items and “connect” them. The colors around the pieces are missing when we publish in 360 (see below).


360 published:


Crystal Horn

Hi Deirdre.  

  1. Thanks for adding those screenshots for the outline issue!  

    I tested this setup on my own file, and I saw that neither the Flash nor the HTML5 output retained the red outline and background fill on those drag-n-drop choices.  It didn't show in Preview either, which displays using HTML5.

    I'm going to document this for our team so we can figure out some next steps.

  2. For the bold text, we have documented an issue with bold text with the Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk font, which sounds similar.  It is when the project is upgraded from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360 that the font doesn't display properly in HTML5 output.
  • Did you upgrade the project from Storyline 2?
  • Can you share a copy of your Storyline 360 project file (.story)?  You can use the Add Attachment button below, if so!
Crystal Horn

Thanks, Deirdre, for replying with that information and your file.  I've added it to our documentation.  I've got this discussion tagged so that we can update it as we get new information to share.

In the meantime, we've identified a possible workaround:  Recreate the text and apply the font after upgrading the file to Storyline 360.  I'm not sure if that's feasible for you, but going forward I would keep this temporary solution in mind.

Sorry again for the struggles, but you're in the right place to stay up to date.

Crystal Horn

Hi Deirdre!  We can't edit a post or remove any attachments, so I deleted the entire post.  For clarity, I'll copy your original June 1 text here:

Yes I upgraded from SL2. Here is the 360 file...I removed all of the bolding. If you bold any of the titles, the issue appears when published.

Also, thanks for letting me know that it still wasn't publishing quite right for you.  We'll keep testing on our end.  I'm sorry this font has been a challenge!

Sandy Rushton

I have been having a similar issue to Deirdre on a few modules I'd been working on. Found the problem: some text had been formatted as both bold and italic and it had messed up the whole file. I've written up the problem/solution here!

Hope that's helpful for some people!

Sandy Rushton

Hey Deirdre,

Just to be clear, Articulate didn't suggest removing the formatting as a solution. I just had to get the modules I was creating over the line for the client ahead of their deadline, and Articulate Support couldn't find a way of fixing it in time.

It definitely is a workaround, and not optimal! I believe the Articulate Support team have logged this and are still investigating.


Night Owl

Thanks for responding, Sandy. I realize now that my previous post sounded a little sorry! To be clear also, we are so excited about Storyline 360! It is a huge improvement, especially the HTML5 features...we will take having to remove formatting any day if it means our tutorials will play smoothly in any browser and not stall due to flash errors! Most other issues that we had with SL2 in HTML5 have been resolved.

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