Font Issues IE11..Is there Fix

We followed the directions given by Articulate. I've searched Community and how found multiple threads on the font issue.  When i first submitted an IT support ticket, the IT person made it seem like it was our company settings and never mentioned that this font issue is an Articulate bug.  I set all my courses to Arial and we still are having the same problem when we put a Storyline interaction into Rise. 

Is there a fix?  Should i switch back to classic view?

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Eboni DuBose

Replying to Gren now.  Gerald was my original IT person and then Gren took over after the problem persisted.  I stopped communicating because i thought the issue had been solved but now it still persists.  We went with Arial because Calibri was having the same issue. 

When i was first assigned to Gerald  he sent the link  I shared this with my IT team, they implemented what he said, and the issue still persists.  I set all courses to Arial.  Upon initial launch course is fine but if you return to the course the font issues display.  But no one ever mentioned that it was a recurring issue in Articulate.